About Forest Chat

Forest Chat was conceived in July 2009, following the closure of the original NFED chat forums. Three months later, in October 2009, we moved the forum to a MyFreeForum site where we stayed for the next 8 years - not a bad innings! Following the rise in popularity of Facebook, the forum gradually tailed off and for the last couple of years I have just used it as a covenient place to post show results.

In late 2016 MyFreeForum sold out to Tapatalk. Subsequently Forest Chat was transferred over to Tapatalk without warning on 4th October 2017. The forum works on Tapatalk as a standard phpBB3 forum. Any customisation I put in has vanished, but it does still work and the members and posts are all still there. However, I was unable to point our domain to the new Tapatalk group. It seems that only premium groups can use their own domain name, and this costs 10 US dollars per month. Obviously I am not going to fork out £91 per annum just to link our domain name.

I haven't yet decided what to do as a permanent solution. The forums aren't used at all any more, so there is no need to have a forum as such. I have set up a new website for the M&M section, it's really just the New Forest Pony section which needs to be rehomed. It could stay as a standalone website here on, or it could move to, or it could stay where it is on Tapatalk.

If you'd like to offer your opinion or make another suggestion, please do so on the facebook Forest Chat page or group, or message me.

In the meantime, this website is being used to hold detailed New Forest Pony show results.

Please use the menu on the left to visit the forum or use one of the other links.

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